Experience a part of the rich Swiss cultural heritage close-up. With the Erleb-AR app you can explore the roman settlements of Aventicum and Augusta Raurica and marvel at the Christoffeltower at its original site.

An Erleb-AR user sees the mighty Christoffelturm, which was demolished in 1864, for the first time.


In this city founded by the Celtic tribe of the Helvetians, parts of roman structures are still visible today - the theatre, the amphitheatre as well as the Cigognier-sanctuary. Thanks to the Erleb-AR app, these can now be viewed in their antique glory.

Photo of the still standing pillars of the Cigognier Sanctuary in Aventicum.
Photo of the still standing pillars of the Cigognier Stanctuary in Aventicum with a 3D-model of the sanctuary drawn over it.

Augusta Raurica

The roman colonial city of Augusta Raurica was a flourishing commercial metropolis. With the Erleb-AR app it is now possible to behold the grandstand of the third theatre, as did the antique romans, or to saunter between the pillars of the temple on the Schönbühl hill.

Photo of the still visible ruins of the roman theatre in Augusta Raurica.
Photo of the 3D model of the roman theatre drawn over it.


Bern once had a fortification around the entire city. Until mid-19th century, the Christoffeltower stood where today the baldachin arches over the bernese trainstation. With the Erleb-AR app the tower can now be marveled at, at its original construction site.

Development of the Erleb-AR App

The Erleb-AR app was developed at the Institute for Human Centered Engineering HuCE at the laboratory for computer perception and virtual reality (cpvrLab) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences with generous financial support from the Federal Office of Culture FOC. Technical details can be viewed on the cpvrLab YouTube channel or on the project website of the BUaS.

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